About Us

CattlePerformance Livestock and Feed Co. has a rich tradition of family that is deeply rooted in Lawsonville, NC. Our cattle operation initiated the development of our feed production to supply our cattle, and others, with great feed. Our mill has been in operation for over 30 years, and we are still working every day to perfect Performance Feed. Based on our extensive trial work, diverse ingredient inventory, and accomplished nutrition specialists, Performance Livestock and Feed Co. has developed an array of products suited for any type of operation.  We manufacture feeds for many species; swine, horses, goats, etc., and not only for your cattle, but ours as well.  "We Feed What We sell".

Today, Performance Livestock and Feed Co. services customers from Florida to Michigan. We are continually expanding our footprint, including our cattle operation, pellet mill, textured mill manufacturing, dealer network, commodity/ingredient office, and retail locations.