"We Feed What We Sell"
Performance 16% Extra - Performance 14% Plus - Performance Commodity Pellet - Bull Developer - Performance Extra Calf - 13% Feeder Blend - High Energy Feeder Blend - Show Cattle Ration - Performance All Stock Feed - Stress & Receiving Ration - 10% All Grain Horse Feed
10% Pelleted Horse Feed
10% High Fat Pelleted Horse Feed
12% All Grain Horse Feed
14% All Grain Horse Feed
14% Pelleted Horse Feed
14% High Fat Pelleted Horse Feed
12% Performance Premium Horse Feed
12% Sheep & Goat Feed
16% Medicated Pelleted Goat Feed
16% Super Goat
12% Hog Feed
14% Textured Hog Feed
16% Pig Starter
Alpaca Feed
Dog Food
Cat Food
Rabbit Food
Chick & Starter
Laying Crumbles
Scratch Feed
Super Cock
Oyster Shell
Shell Corn
Cracked Corn
Performance Trophy Buck
High Energy Trophy Buck
Performance Livestock and Feed Co. Inc.
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Lawsonville, North Carolina 27022

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Performance Feeds

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